Executive Summary

The western coastline of Sonora, Mexico along the Sea of Cortez, or as some call it, the Gulf of California, has experienced several waves of development over the years with the main attraction being the vast open beaches and wind-sculpted sand dunes that stretch for hundreds of miles. Looking down the coastline, there are hundreds of beach homes and small communities. 320 days of sunshine with just a few inches of rainfall make this region the perfect destination for sun, sea and beach seekers. There are over 30,000,000 U.S. citizens who live within a day’s drive and over a million people travel to the Puerto Peñasco area each year. Parayso is located just 50 miles south of Puerto Penasco in a vibrant agricultural area which produces olives, grapes, oranges and asparagus in abundance. The area is blessed with deep aquifers providing more than enough fresh water to create a tropical paradise. Parayso is the first luxury development of its kind anywhere in the world. The 700-acre state-of-the-art optically secured beach site with security team will be limited to 20 luxury homes built on extraordinarily large 5 to 15 acre sites, or combinations thereof, boasting world-class amenities including a superb and and challenging Championship golf course designed with every attention to detail for both beauty and play. It is where the casual lifestyle meets elegance and where families and friends build relationships and memories. The natural beach dunes rise to 90 feet with most sites enjoying panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez, where whales and dolphins play daily and the sunsets never disappoint.

Parayso is the nearest private luxury community to the southwestern United States. Located on the northern coastline of the Sea of Cortez and only 100 miles from the border, residents benefit from both short drive and fly times in and out of the U.S. As an example, a flight from Phoenix is less than 160 air miles or about 45 minutes. The new International Airport (Del Mar de Cortez) officially opened for operations in January 2010. Private and chartered flights are operational and international commercial flights from Las Vegas have been periodically available. This new International Airport is a short 15-mile drive north to Puerto Peñasco and a 50-mile drive south to Parayso.

Parayso is secluded, quiet and private, yet the tourist community of Puerto Peñasco (also known as “Rocky Point”), is a short hour’s drive from Parayso and only 65 miles from the U.S./Mexico border. In the 1960’s and 1970’s a small beach community developed in Peñasco consisting of beach shacks and small homes with very little infrastructure. In many areas, fresh water is still trucked in daily to rooftop cisterns as the only real water supply. Annual rainfall amounts to only 2” and, as a result of the extreme water shortage, the local landscape appears very dry and arid. As tourism increased over the years, the growth corridor headed south along the coast. During the recent real estate boom, more single family beach homes and high-rise condo developments appeared with many properties selling for well over $1,000,000. Recent growth fostered the construction of The Mayan Palace Resort which includes a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course (with two more slated including a Greg Norman design). Along with the growth in residential dwellings, commercial and retail space has also expanded significantly, including a Sam’s Club, Bodega (Wal-Mart), Burger King and others.

The new coastal “Costera” highway was designed to make tourist travel much safer and shorter with easier access to miles of untouched coastline. A person driving from San Diego can now make the trip to Puerto Peñasco in about 5 hours. This coastal highway also links to the new International Airport, providing excellent driving conditions for travelers wanting to continue up and down the coast by car, intersecting the Parayso entry road leading directly to our exclusive community on the Sea.

The Sea of Cortez is also undergoing significant marina improvements as part of the region’s ‘Escalera Nautica’ efforts, which call for a chain of tourist class marinas sprinkled up and down the Sonoran and Baja coasts in an effort to promote nautical tourism. Holland America Cruise Lines has announced it will establish a “home” port in the Puerto Peñasco area, providing extended cruises throughout the Sea of Cortez, including ports of call at Cabo San Lucas, Guaymas, Topolobampo, Loreto and LaPaz. The Sonoran government has allocated $60M USD for construction of this port at Sandy Beach in Puerto Penasco, now well under construction with completion expected by the end of 2016.

Even with the spectacular growth that has occurred over the years, the area in and around Puerto Peñasco does not project the feel of a world-class beach destination due to scant water availability for irrigation and landscaping. Most water is dedicated for human consumption with very little being available for landscaping, leaving Puerto Peñasco with an arid and barren look. This will not be the case for Parayso. A reliable and plentiful source of fresh underground water has been secured and will allow for a tropical paradise unlike anything in the region. Additionally, with great recent strides in de-salinization technology, this option is also available for Parayso

The Concept

For some time the development team had searched for a special, one-of-a-kind property with inherent beauty and natural characteristics which was found at Parayso - not a resort, but an exclusive community that can enjoy amenities much like those found in the world’s finest resorts. Great golf, an amenitized residential community and attention to detail will be the standard for Parayso. Such a special and unique property will be supported by high quality infrastructure. Many developers characterize their developments as "luxury" but do not meet the criteria expected of true luxury facilities. Parayso will not only meet but exceed such expectations.

In order to accomplish this ambitious goal, Parayso will provide a wide array of family-oriented amenities, including a spectacular Beach Club, a world-class golf course, a sea moorage field for the largest boats and yachts, a professionally staffed tennis club, a full service spa, a picturesque lake for boating, fishing and swimming, and a multi-use kid-friendly waterpark including a lazy river. The key to creating a successful project will be fourfold: 1) create a unique beachfront oasis environment, 2) attract the extremely affluent worldwide market, 3) offer first-class luxury architecture and 4) create an exceptional family-oriented beachfront community with committed dedication to every detailed amenity.

The Marketing Plan & Creation of Image

The success of Parayso will be dependent upon seven essential elements:

1. Unique property 2. Investment 3. Sponsorship 4. Expertise 5. Planning 6. Promotion 7. Commitment

All of these elements need to be combined to craft a successful community. One visit to Parayso will immediately reveal this special one-of-a-kind property and its potential to be a unique world-class community. New investment will provide the resource that Parayso needs to direct its future in a positive direction. High level sponsorship and affiliations will create credibility with influential clients. Using experts in every phase of planning and development is a must and exceptional promotion is necessary to tell Parayso’s story - a commitment that promises to deliver great value and return on investment.

A Green Oasis on the Beach

Parayso will be an oasis on the beach, offering a community environment never before experienced in this region

Parayso will be “green” in more ways than one. Green, as in a lush green landscape, but also green in an environmental sense. The precious resource of abundant water will be environmentally managed and monitored through careful landscape design. A meticulously selected flora palette will be utilized so that a minimum amount of water is used to create an oasis type setting. These targeted design and maintenance goals will make Parayso a showcase that will make an everlasting impression on anyone who visits.

A Creative Land Plan

The primary amenity and attraction of Parayso cannot be built – it is the pristine beach and sea that was created millions of years ago. The 700-acre site is dramatically blessed with a 90-foot high natural coastal sand dune which creates dramatic views of the Sea of Cortez, the golf course, desert and mountains. Parayso’s creative land plan maximizes views by terracing ultra-estate sized residences up the slope of the coastal dune. The beachfront homes will have premier views to the sea but due to the unique land characteristics, all homes on the coastal dune will enjoy panoramic and uninterrupted seascapes as well. Every effort will be made to establish architectural design guidelines that dictate this view enhancement concept. There will be only 20 lots/residences ranging from 5 to 15 acres in size. Most other beach properties in Mexico are less than 8,000 square feet (about 1/5 of an acre). Parayso is the only development that offers these ultra - estate sized lots to create a true “ocean manor” private community. Parayso offers a place where families can truly build a family estate with plenty of elbow room for everyone.

Key Community Amenities

The Parayso Beach Club & Golf Course will anchor the community’s relationship with the Sea of Cortez and will become a favored gathering spot for residents. The Beach Club will include an architecturally themed design that evokes a modern feel of a Mexican coastal village including a clubhouse, meeting rooms, fitness center, swimming pool, café/grill & bar, gourmet restaurant, ocean view terraces with plenty of shade structures and private beach cabanas. Because the Sea of Cortez is the primary winter breeding ground for both the majestic grey whale and the breathtaking blue whale, the Beach Club’s unique interior design concept will highlight whale watching and other marine and coastal interests. There are over 500 different species of fish that make the Sea of Cortez their home, a greater diversity of sea life than found anywhere in the world.

The Parayso Golf Course will be creatively routed on and behind the coastal dune with abundant fairway frontage with holes #1 & #18 beginning and culminating at the Beach Club. The golf course will have “snack shacks” on the course with the Beach Club including a pro shop, locker rooms and casual and formal dining with a bar. Outdoor seating overlooking the greens and distant views of the sea will offer a unique setting for relaxing after a round of golf. The Golf Course at Parayso can most concisely be described as an extension of the larger oasis that is Parayso. The course will feature numerous lakes and rolling green fairways surrounded by tropical vegetation. It will provide a tremendous “walk in the park” experience, featuring short green to tee walks. The course will be designed and built with a high level of meticulous care and attention.

Parayso’s Common Area with plentiful walkways to the beach and around the golf course will consist of a park-like atmosphere utilizing substantial numbers of large and mature Manzanillo olive trees from Parayso’s 125-acre orchard/nursery on its nearby Rancho Guanajuato property.

The Beach at Parayso will be maintained and meticulously groomed for offering all the wonderful treasures that radiate from the Sea of Cortez. There will be beachfront palapas and “on call” immediate service to the beach from the grill and bar at Parayso’s Beach Club.

Lake Parayso & Waterpark will be great fun for people and children of all ages. Taking a leisurely electric boat ride around the large pristine lake or basking on its sandy beaches, fishing or swimming will make for a fun and entertaining afternoon. For a little more excitement, the Waterpark on the lake will make for wonderful fun and can be capped by a lazy river float. There will be something for everybody of all ages to enjoy, a great “bonding” place for adults and children of all ages.

The Parayso Chapel and Amphitheater will allow the community to congregate for worship or to enjoy outdoor events such as concerts and movies. An area will be provided for star-gazing with observatory-quality equipment.

The Pools at Rancho Guanajuato will be a place to come and bask in the natural geothermal hot pools nestled among the olive trees at Parayso’s nearby 125-acre orchard/nursery. Included in the facilities will be a myriad of size and temperature pools for any occasion; large or small, intimate or group and just a short jaunt from the private estates at Parayso. Projected amenities include a Temazcal Sweat Bath, massage therapy, relaxation areas with private pools, firepits, palapas, food/snack bar and children & toddler’s area.

The Parayso Mooring Field will allow for the largest of yachts to be moored in complete safety. Waves more than three or four feet tall are rarely seen in this area of the Sea of Cortez, even in the worst of storms. Comfortable and accommodating amphibious vehicles will be available for immediate and “on call” shuttling of Parayso’s residents and their belongings to and from their vessels.

Helipads will be an option available for each resident as well as other strategic helipads within the community, such as near the medical facility at the Beach Club.

Lodging for Visiting Guests will be found at both the Beach Club as well as on Lake Parayso in its “mini-marina” area. Guests will receive first class attention in every way.

Sierra el Álamo, Parayso’s 68,000 acre wildlife preserve, provides an inland getaway for residents to enjoy varied and abundant flora and fauna unique to the Sonoran desert, including the world's only Cardón forest with majestic cacti hundreds of years old. A short distance from Parayso, the preserve will offer short or extended stays in rustic cabins, hiking, horseback riding, ATV-ing and boasts some of the oldest petroglyphs in the world.